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  • Women in Infrastructure South Africa (WISA) is a social impact company that runs and facilitates outreach and skills development programs through partnerships with government, the private sector and existing women-owned professional bodies within the different infrastructural industries. We aim to empower women, youth and people living with disabilities through knowledge sharing within or between organizations, training, skills development, mentorship and networking platforms to support and uplift women, youth and people living with disabilities by providing access to resources, information and opportunities in the infrastructure development of South Africa.

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  • We have identified Women, Youth and People Living with Disabilities as the groups in society who face most of the brunt of socio-economic challenges in South Africa. Providing basic skills for the skilled and unskilled to the identified groups will empower and enabling them to earn a sustainable income.

  • We strive to inform and educate the public of the opportunities in the various industries in the infrastructure sector by creating awareness through roadshows, social media and other marketing platforms.

  • Founded in 2020, WISA is a dynamic and diverse 100% Women-owned company and carries a Level 2 B-BBEE Status.

Empower a woman and you will bring prosperity to the entire community