Our vision

This is what
we aim to do

Women empowerment is one way to get the underprivileged as well as the reasonably privileged women to come to realise their worth and potential in the face of a male dominated world.
  • Empowerment of Women

    Empower and upskill women, in local and rural communities Expose women to skills and development programmes in the infrastructure sector Create opportunities for growth and economic empowerment Reduce the unemployment rate of women

  • Youth Development

    Develop the youth in South Africa through skills development, providing guidance and mentorship. Empowering and equipping our youth to enter the labour market and become economically active citizens. Assist the youth who hold tertiary education with opportunities such as apprenticeships and internships.

  • The upliftment of people living with disabilities

    Empower and upskill people living with disabilities, in local and rural communities Expose persons with disabilities to skills and development programs in the infrastructure sector, Uplift persons with disabilities by developing skills and providing guidance and mentorship, empowering and equipping them to enter the labour market and become economically active citizens

WISA Cheerful Woman

Main Infrastructure Sectors WISA will focus on 2021 - 2023



Removal of Alien Vegetation

Renewable Energy